Actors' Shakespeare Project 2015-2016 Season

Equity Principal Auditions by appointment in Somerville, MA

Monday, March 9, 2015 from 10am-6pm (with a one-hour lunch break)

Auditions will be at:
ASP's offices
191 Highland Ave., in Studio Not 2B on the second floor
Somerville, MA

NEAT category 6, this year's weekly AEA actor salary was $451.00
Artistic Director: Allyn Burrows
Typical Rehearsal Schedule: Tues-Friday evenings and Saturday & Sunday days

Please contact Heather Stern for an apointment at or at (617) 776-2200 x230. Email is preferred.

Equity appointments are scheduled in five-minute intervals, and each Equity member has a maximum of three minutes to audition. Please bring your AEA membership card. Please prepare material of your choice (including, if you wish, selections from the season -- scripts are available at the StageSource offices). For those who wish to perform a scene, a reader will be available. Please be prepared to state your starting & stopping places.


Non-Equity Auditions by appointment in Somerville, MA

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 from 10:30am-2:30pm
Thursday, March 12, 2015 from 10:30am-2:30pm

Auditions will be at:
ASP's offices
191 Highland Ave., in Suite Not 2B on the second floor
Somerville, MA

Present at the auditions will be:
Allyn Burrows, Artistic Director
Jennie Israel, Casting

Please prepare one monologue by William Shakespeare, less than two minutes in length. This piece can be from any play in the canon, including the plays in our upcoming season. There is a slight possibility that you will be asked for a second monologue by Shakespeare; however, limited time will most likely leave space for one strong piece. Please bring one copy of your photo attached to your resume.

Typical rehearsal schedule: Tuesday-Friday evenings and Saturday & Sunday days

Please note ~ Each production has at least 5 student matinees which begin at 10am. Actors must be available for all matinees.

Please contact Heather Stern for an appointment at
Appointments will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you have emailed, please be patient. We have a lot of requests coming in at once. 


No understudies are being cast. All available roles are available for non-traditional casting. Please note that ASP does not supply housing. Actors must have Boston area housing in order to work with ASP. Available roles listed below:

Othello by William Shakespeare
Directed by Bridget O'Leary

First Rehearsal - 8/25/2015
Previews - 9/23/15-9/25/15
Opening - 9/26/15
Closing - 10/25/15

Available roles:

Desdemona ~ daughter of Brabanzio, Othello's love
Iago ~ Othello's ensign and unknown enemy
Cassio ~ Othello's Lieutenant, devoted to Othello
Roderigo ~ a young, rich fool in love with Desdemona
Emilia ~ Iago's wife, a truth-teller


The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare
Directed by Melia Bensussen

First Rehearsal - 11/10/15
Previews - 12/9/15-12/11/15
Opening - 12/12/15
Closing - 1/3/2016

Available roles: 

Hermione ~ Queen of Sicilia and wife to Leontes
Perdita ~ daughter to Leontes and Hermione
Polixenes ~ King of Bohemia, childhood friend of Leontes
Camillo ~ an honest Sicilian who refuses to do Leontes' murderous bidding
Paulina ~ a fierce Sicilian noblewoman and dear friend to Hermione
Autolycus ~ a roguish peddler, vagabond, and pickpocket


Richard II by William Shakespeare
Directed by Allyn Burrows

First Rehearsal - 1/19/16
Previews - 2/17/16-2/19/16
Opening - 2/20/16
Closing - 3/13/16

Available roles:

John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster ~ King Richard's uncle, and the father of Richard's banished cousin Bolingbroke, who eventually usurps the throne
Edmund of Langley Duke of York ~ King Richard's uncle, and a brother of John of Gaunt and of the late Thomas of Gloucester. A traditionalist who is loyally devoted to the crown, he is deeply upset by any kind of treason against the crown
Queen Isabel ~ King Richard's wife. She was born into the French royal family and flees to France when Richard is deposed
Henry Bolingbroke Duke of Herford ~ Bolingbroke is King Richard's cousin and the son of Richard's uncle, John of Gaunt. He stages a revolution against Richard and is later crowned King Henry IV.


School for Scandal by R.B. Sheridan
Directed by Paula Plum

First Rehearsal - 3/15/16
Previews - 4/13/16-4/15/16
Opening - 4/16/16
Closing - 5/8/16

Available roles:

Sir Benjamin Backbite ~ rude suitor of Maria
Maria ~ Sir Peter's wealthy ward
Moses ~ Charles' honest moneylender
Snake ~ worthy of his name, Snake works for Lady Sneerwell but later betrays her
Lady Sneerwell ~ slanderous woman also worthy of her name since she "sneers well"
Charles Surface ~ the protagonist of the play, he is in love with Maria, but Mrs. Sneerwell also desires him
Joseph Surface ~ friendly and respected, but hypocritical. He also desires Maria, his brother's love, but entices Lady Sneerwell
Sir Oliver Surface ~ the rich uncle of Charles and Joseph, he disguises himself as a moneylender to test his relations
Lady Teazle ~ her country roots will show, but she has learned to spend money wildly. She fights with her husband and flirst with young men, but, in the end, she shows her loyalty