Our Mission

Our Mission

Actors’ Shakespeare Project believes Shakespeare’s words are urgently relevant to our times. Working as an ensemble of resident company members, we bring these words into the voices, bodies, and imaginations of our actors, audiences, and neighborhoods. We do this through creative projects, including intimate productions and outreach programs that are informed by the spaces in which they happen. These projects inspire civic dialogue, build relationships between people, strengthen communities, and reveal something about what it means to be human here and now.

A letter from Artistic Director Allyn Burrows

Here at Actors’ Shakespeare Project our imperative is to bring you the clearest strongest and deepest storytelling attainable through the words of the greatest playwright in history. Our goal is not just to make these stories compelling and entertaining, but to have them resonate in your bones. Our challenge is to convert your willingness and desire to listen into a personal need to partake in the experience of what these words mean to all of us. We don’t take your support in this endeavor lightly and we apply ourselves accordingly.

On behalf of the ASP staff, resident acting company, and board of directors, we welcome you to the ASP community, to our website, to our next season, and to our commitment to staying on task. The strength of a community depends on its numbers, its flexibility, and on the bonds that are formed and nurtured among its members. The foundation of the ASP community is not found in bricks and mortar, but in the determination of our actors, teaching artists, staff, and board to find meaning in the language and to share those discoveries with you.

One could argue that words have no meaning until they are heard and understood, and we work to strengthen that community foundation by keeping it energized through relationship with each other, our audience, the youth and adults who participate in our education programs, and this city.

We lean on certain individuals in our aim to achieve our goals and they deserve acknowledgement. Our staff is tireless and devoted in their efforts to keep this organization running smoothly. Our board is unparalleled in their generosity and support of our endeavors. The members of our resident acting company seem limitless in their imagination, resilience, and commitment to their craft and willingness to share their multi-faceted talents with us all. Our teaching artists are passionate and talented in their dedication to exploring Shakespeare’s stories with youth and uncovering the power of language alongside them. And finally, you, our dear audience. You should be thanked for showing up to hear us, to see us, and to invite us into your eyes, ears, and hearts. We live in a world that often stuns us in its unpredictability and leaves us speechless with its surprises. We believe that Shakespeare has given us language to use when words fail us, and we consider it a mandate to revisit his template to plumb the meaning of our lives.

We are grateful for Shakespeare’s inspiration, for the community, and for your participation, in so many ways, whether it’s seeing a play, volunteering, attending an event, taking a class, subscribing, or donating. We cherish this opportunity to work together.