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Teacher Institute 2015

All the school's a stage, and you can teach your students to be players! Learn to bring Shakespeare off the page and into the bodies and souls of your students through this immersive approach to teaching Shakespeare.

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The Comedy of Errors Curriculum

The “way in” to Shakespeare’s text requires different approaches for different types of learners.

In these lessons designed for The Comedy of Errors, we provide several “ways in” for different learners. For the kinesthetic: an approach to scene work that involves practicing the art of “Director as First Audience” involving props, costumes, and big on-your-feet choices. For environmental or sensory learners, there is a theme-based environmental lesson, allowing students to explore the themes of the play through a hands-on creative exercise.

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Romeo & Juliet Curriculum

Fall / Winter 2013 Romeo & Juliet Curriculum

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Macbeth Curriculum

Fall / Winter 2012 Macbeth Curriculum

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